Nicolai Cauchy (aka Nicolas, Nicola, Nicolai, Nico - and The Alchemist of Life)

Nicolai                         Nicolai

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Born in 1959 in France - M.I.T. '88 & '93; US citizenship 1989; phone: 1 508 413 0035 - additional
personal background
  • Expert Building Solutions, MA-licensed General Contractors & Century 21 Real Estate Brokers
    Design - Engineering - Construction on-time and in-budget
    • water/moisture leaks, detection, remediation, prevention
    • historic buildings (custom designs for renovations)
    • Sensibly GreenTM design & construction (mitigating environmental impact, life cycle, and cost analysis)
    • Formerly House Technic Construction, certified Home Improvement TechniciansTM

  • International sustainable development strategies
    "Sustainability demands ecological awareness, cultural sensitivity, stringent personal integrity, and the acceptance of finite growth. How ready is your company? "
  • Fly with Nico paragliding instruction and tours (US, Brazil, Italy, France, Slovenia)

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